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As new generations of leaders rise in the line of organizational and corporate succession, as the concept of “identity” is reconsidered, understanding of hierarchies are questioned, and the revolutionary idea that mental health is the font from which all other health flows becomes fact, society will need and select Leaders who are, in many respects, meaningfully dissimilar from their predecessors and who exhibit meaningful differences in their mindsets, visions, and behavior.

Just as politicians who live baldly hypocritical lives contend with ever more virulent brands of mass criticism, Executives who function as true role models for their teams and employees will rise to the top of corporate structures and organizational models. It is easy to identify a growing rejection of corporate culture in the way society increasingly examines the “pay gap” between CEOs and warehouse workers or, in the way employees across industries have openly exhibited mass unwillingness to return to the office post-COVID. The internet has transformed all aspects of human life and AI and Automation pose the risk of at least some level of societal unrest.

Executives and Leaders who function as true role models for their employees create spaces where people want to produce and create. Executives who are able to display a level of appreciation that resonates as genuine with their employees and who present objectives in ways that provoke authentic interest and drive, will become the gold standard.

For the Leader of present and future, a solid relationship with the right coach is vital. Research on the newly recognized field has established that coaching produces a “chain effect” of benefit for the organizations that implement high quality coaching. When coaching benefits the Leader, the Leader benefits their employees, organizational culture and ultimately, the company’s bottom-line as the result of shrewd hiring decisions, increased employee retention, smoother successional transitions, decreased stress during merger and acquisitions, and of course, client/customer receptivity translating to profit.

Often, many at the top of their food chains are not necessarily the most emotionally and socially intelligent. For instance, consider the following statistic:

While psychopathic behavior in the general population is estimated to be 1%, in recent years, a widely reported study conducted by forensic psychologists found that 21% of CEOs and Senior Corporate Professionals are psychopaths. What is most intriguing and alarming about these findings is that this percentage of Executives mirrors the percentage of prisoners.

Oftentimes, Executives do not have the psychological insight to understand their employees or what motivates them. Consider the culture of Silicon Valley for instance, where entire generations of introverts with certain cluster characteristics different from those found in historical corporate leadership, have been brought to forefront of society, transforming our world with their visionary brilliance. Tech industry personality typologies, intentionally or unintentionally, have birthed new and different concepts of work and work culture. Yet, tech companies also experience the same challenges companies of the past have experienced in terms of employee workplace satisfaction.
On the Occupational front, OSI recalls that so many of history’s greatest artists, scientists and inventors have been brilliant people with brilliant ideas who found everyday communication challenging. Consider creators like Van Gogh, whose work was not appreciated until long after his death. Open Sea will challenge the notion that great creativity must be mired in misery and frustration. How many more creators will be recognized when they are able to communicate their works effectively to their respective audiences? As a society, how much creativity have we been deprived of due to deficits in social and emotional communication between creators and their governing environments? OSI intends to eradicate this net negative to the human community and bridge the gap between genius and the ability to communicate genius.

At OSI, we recognize that Executives who cope with stress through alcohol or drug use, compulsive exercise, online gambling, destructive entanglements, obsessive behaviors/ phobias, also tend to communicate with those who work for them in pathological ways that ultimately result in decreased in morale and productivity. Executives across industries are suffering with burnout, depression, suicidal ideation, addictions, and psychosocial stress which translate into physical ailments including hormonal imbalance, neurodegeneration, and cardiovascular strain and disease. We see you.

At OSI, not only does a Leader gain greater self-awareness, a Leader learns to strategically identify what will motivate their teams and employees. Whether working one-on-one with Leaders or their teams, Denise guides clients through the delicate and subtle processes of realization and optimization, allowing clients to uncover and work through the psychological matter that prevents them from reaching peak performance, priming them to innovate, communicate and operate to their greatest advantages.

Open Sea’s coaching services utilize proprietary methods to facilitate satisfaction, performance, and innovation in our community of co-creators. Leaders and aspiring leaders who participate in regular coaching at Open Sea communicate their commitments to maximum productivity, accountability, collaborative mindsets, cognitive and cultural flexibility, and future-focused thinking to their Boards, teams, employees, investors and customers.

While Denise works with many individuals in the professional world who retain her services because they aspire to promotions or compensation increases, Denise also partners with Leaders who already occupy positions of prominence and wealth. These clients arrive at OSI after confusing financial success and attainment of social status with attainment of happiness and have lived their lives accordingly. In 100% of cases, we find that clients report that attainment of professional goals is not the sole or primary determinant of contentment or satisfaction in their lives.

Executives require understanding that few providers can offer. OSI providers have the mental sophistication, social and emotional intelligence, professionalism, and life experience with issues of leadership in demanding careers and conversance in finance, PR, and Crisis Management that Executives require. Executives and their intimates deserve a safe space with professionals who understand their life-type challenges and who will not judge them for the attainment of what is increasingly understood as “privilege.”

True Executive Coaching services must offer and address all the above.

This is the Open Sea difference.


All Wellness Intervention at OSI is rooted in two truths:

True beauty starts inside.

Happiness cannot be sustained without peace.

In everything we do at OSI, we recognize the former as our foundation.

Wellness Coaching at OSI emphasizes balance in our co-creators’ lives. With Denise, you will learn to recognize the important components of self that must be integrated and synchronized into one coherently functioning Self. With Denise, you will become conversant in your psychological, emotional, spiritual and physical identities and eventually, refine them to your liking. Healing will result as conflicts and pain decrease. The concept of superior human functioning will also be introduced to those client co-creators who are ready to dedicate themselves to long-term engagement with Denise.

Wellness Coaching at OSI will utilize Denise’s singular grasp of healing modalities and her unique ability to impart her knowledge of Ethnobotanicals, Yoga and Meditation. Wellness Coaching at OSI is best suited for those experiencing major life transitions, those desiring transformation in their lives, and those who have engaged in years of therapy, diets, treatments, and procedures that did not result in desired change.


At OSI, we understand that even families rich in affection and good intentions experience discord, loneliness, abuse, molestation, harrowing life events, and emotional poverty. Our client families and client couples understand that we understand and overwhelmingly report using OSI as a place of refuge when they need help with the people they love most in the world.

Clients of OSI’s Marriage, Couples and Family Coaching connect with Denise for many different reasons:

Client co-creators in stable, committed relationships seek Denise when experiencing major life transitions, be they residential, work, health, or finance related.

Oftentimes, one partner or family member will seek out OSI’s neutral, nurturing and non-judgmental environment where they feel comfortable announcing an important life or identity change they believe will affect their intimates.

Client co-creators who are feeling pressured by family members, or, society at large, to have children they do not necessarily want, have a home at OSI.

Client co-creators struggling with communication in any intimate relationship will learn the skills they need to facilitate understanding with challenging intimates at OSI.

Client co-creators with marriages or relationships on the brink of separation seek Denise’s services to assist them in either preserving and reclaiming their commitments, or, to ensure smooth transitions when parting ways. Denise lovingly shepherds clients of Marriage, Couples and Family Coaching on their journeys of separation, minimizing damage to self and others. It is important to remember that myriad studies have shown that children of divorce are more likely to suffer from depression, suicide, diminished scholastic performance and are more likely, in adulthood, to divorce their partners as well. Equally as often, adults who remarry after divorce have a higher chance of divorcing their 2nd and 3rd marriage partners. Without appropriately guided introspection and behavior modification, we are all prone to repeating our relational patterns.

Marriage, Couples, and Family Coaching with Denise provides clients with the opportunity for insight and accountability. Client families, client couples, and individual intimates receive coaching informed by family systems theories and a firm grasp of the anthropological, sociological, economic and psychological intersections of the ever-evolving concepts of the familial unit and the individual self.