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Open Sea Institute is a beacon and a partner to those who aspire to create change internally and in the environments they influence. Open Sea Institute is a highly diverse community united by our desires to heal and enhance our relationships with our psyches and our surroundings.

Our community understands that to experience our lives in the highest and best resolutions, we must refine our senses to our advantage. At Open Sea, we endeavor to thrive in full color. Here, we understand that regularized mental exploration is not only for those in distress, but for anyone seeking the necessary mobilization of his history to his greatest advantage. We activate not only an internal dialogue in our co-creators, but also an internal compass– a true North that has either been eclipsed by life’s challenges, or never fully developed at all. In simplest terms, Open Sea Institute is a movement for Positive, Sustainable, and Ethical Growth.

As method innovators, we are the originators and practitioners of OSI-type Coaching, OSI-type Psychiatry, and OSI-type EcoMedicine.

OSI supports all psychological ailments, including psychosis, addiction, anxiety, depression, stress and developmental disorders. OSI-type Coaching in addictions, executive performance, wellness and beauty, and family, couples and life transitions, serve a growing need for individuals and corporations looking to transcend traditional barriers to excellence, happiness, youthful appearance and vitality.

Our methods are proprietary and are developed based on research, intuition, instinct and results; and they are informed by psychodynamics, biochemistry, eastern philosophy, epigenetics, quantum physics and sound medicine.

While healthcare is increasingly bureaucratized, corporatized, and financialized in a mad dash to the proverbial bottom, disintegrating the last remnants of what is left of the sacred doctor-patient bond, Open Sea Institute stands firm in its dedication to true quality of care. With our emphasis on enduring relationships, privacy and meaningful communication, established patients in active treatment at OSI can expect to communicate directly with their provider.

Whether a professional athlete, serial entrepreneur, politician or Fortune 500 executive, we who gather here understand that the deep, human exploration required for reconstructive therapy with a legitimate expert can:

  • Produce Long-Term Changes in Behavior
  • Produce Impactful Changes in Gene Expression
  • Slow the Aging Process
  • Activate the Immune System
  • Support Cellular Health
  • Foster a Sense of Purpose with Social Responsibility
  • Enhance Self Esteem
  • Decrease Stress & Anxiety
  • Restore Internal Balance and Peace

We invite you to join our movement.

Wherever our clients are, there we seek to be.

The OSI name is symbolic of the telehealth revolution itself. At OSI, we believe that the remote appointment model is a uniquely modern luxury that affords optimal outcomes for patients who may suddenly receive world-class medical care in the comfort of their own homes, offices, planes, or hotel suites.

At OSI, we are committed to reducing the opportunity for stigma, preserving privacy, and to promoting productivity and flexibility for our highly motivated clientele. Through our flexible telehealth platform, we are able to meet clients’ needs throughout the United States and internationally. All services at OSI adhere to the highest standards of privacy, exceeding those put forth by HIPAA.

“Open Sea Institute pledges to devote a portion of its proceeds to projects benefiting pediatric and adult public health and wellness.”

For more information, call us 561-667-7285.

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