Meet Our Director

Dr. Louis Joseph, M.D.

Dr. Louis Joseph is a decorated medical doctor and psychiatrist who has worked in leadership positions at some of the world’s premier medical institutions. He is a native Midwesterner who had a bi-continental European-American upbringing.

Dr. Joseph graduated medical school achieving membership in the prestigious Alpha Omega Alpha Medical Honor Society and was also invited to the Howard Hughes Medical Institute- NIH Research Scholars Program.

Dr. Joseph went on to serve as Chief Psychiatry Resident at the George Washington University Hospital Consultation Service while also serving as a Prison Diversion Team Psychiatrist. He completed a Fellowship in Health Policy at the George Washington University and continues in this work, serving as an ongoing expert advisor to governmental agencies on topics of Mental Illness and Integrated Care.

Spending his professional years in an array of sectors from finance to public health and medicine, Dr. Joseph is uniquely equipped to understand the needs of his patients. He has spent years forming care relationships with indigent patients in inner cities, members of the Washington D.C. elite, and communities of the differently-abled in rural America. Whether performing TMS and other somatic procedures on the neuropsychiatry ward, teaching medical students and resident physicians in the academic arena, working Emergency Rooms in disaster zones and underserved areas, providing expert testimony in courts of law, administering novel, life-altering pharmacotherapy to those struggling with substance use, checking in with elderly patients at the nursing home, or manning informational booths at country fairs, Dr. Joseph has enjoyed practicing psychiatry across a multitude of different settings with an incredibly diverse patient population. There are few facets of psychiatry that have escaped his energetic passion for mental exploration and compassionate care. Dr. Joseph’s kindhearted demeanor and immersive commitment to his diverse body of long-term care relationships have afforded him a uniquely easy facility with co-creators from all walks of life and tremendous insight into the anthropological, sociological, political, and spiritual dimensions of psychiatry.

Dr. Joseph was an early adopter of the telehealth model and personally understands its utility when traveling between residences himself. He respects telehealth’s unique ability to facilitate the person-to-person connection on a humane level.

Dr. Joseph believes that each person brings with them their own vanguard narrative and considers this when formulating a plan of treatment for his patients.

Dr. Joseph has appointments available on evenings and weekends.

“We need to be careful stewards of our money and the incentives we create for health. We need to do so from an informed position, keeping in mind the overall aim which isn’t necessarily treating the sick, but keeping people well.”


– Louis Joseph, M.D.

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Photo by Chris Beeson